Just back from Dundee

11/08/2012 22:14

This has been a bit of an unusual week for us.  After church Thursday night we headed to Dundee to assist Katie's brother and his wife as they moved flats.  The Lord blessed with good weather and gave us a fun time helping them. Please pray for them as they assist the Edgar family in starting a church in Dundee.

This morning Kirk and I visited a book shop just down the road from their new home.  There was a pile of theological books on the floor that was recently acquired by the shop owner.  Another man came in and was digging through the stack and so I asked if he was a Christian.  He was not but enjoys collecting books.  He asked about me and I told him that I was a Baptist minister which led into how we ended up in Scotland. I told about the influx of liberalism in the late 1800's and the current moral decline to illustrate the need for missionaries to come to the UK.  I also told him that we preach the Bible and shared Roman's 1 position on "marriage." He got upset and soon left.  Afterwards I was able to witness to the owner Alan. He was thinking and asked one good question regarding Catholicism and something that he viewed as wrong. Please pray for future opportunities for us to follow up with him.

I had an interesting follow up appointment tonight with a young teenager.  He was with a large group of friends.  I greeted them and he said, "Hey aren't you that guy from Loanhead." It wasn't a great witnessing opportunity but it was good that he remembered talking to me over a year ago.  Please pray for God's power to shake these kids hearts with his truth.  Thanks for praying.