Just back from Edinburgh....

24/03/2014 14:39

It is a glorious day here. This morning when I walked there was a thick layer of frosty ice over the puddles. But, with the pure sunshine and light breeze, it really is a beautiful day. I took bus into Edinburgh this morning and the Lord gave me many great witnessing opportunities. The first was with a college age boy and girl. He said, "You believe in God? How do you know there is a God?" I love that kind of opener. I'm thankful that he asked that. We talked for about a half an hour. The next was a young lady who is leaning towards paganism. Again she was very thoughtful and we had a good half hour discussion. Soon after that I had what I feel was my best opportunity to tell a young lady of God's love for her. I was able to speak with her for 30-40 minutes. Next was a young man from Poland who grew up Catholic. God gave me a great opportunity to speak to him about salvation by grace through faith. It was clear that he was understanding the different passages to which we were turning. The last young man was from Ireland. He is leaning towards science but admitted that my arguments for the reality of God were good.

In most of these conversations I enjoyed opening my Bible. I know that only God can give grace to open these doors and I am very thankful for what He did today. Thank you for praying for God to give us platforms to share Christ.

PS. I have a new blogpost on the Revival Focus Website today.  Spiritual Refreshment for the Thirsty Soul.