Kate and the atheist

20/08/2019 12:21

God gave me two divine appointments this morning as I put out flyers. Kate immigrated to the UK from Budapest many years ago. She is an elderly widow who is Catholic. Please pray that God would open her eyes to the knowledge of salvation by faith in Jesus. It is sad to meet someone who is religious but who does not know if they are going to heaven. And because they do not know the way, we know from God's Word that they are not in the way.

The second opportunity was not as fun as it was with a religious evolutionist who denies the truth of God's Word on all levels. I have no idea why he goes to church. Church here has become a community of people who do not know what they believe, if they believe, or if the person they think they believe in exists. I hope God awakens this man's heart. Jesus died for him as well as me.

The Lord gave me energy to complete a large area this morning as I walked for three hours putting out flyers. Please pray for fruit that will remain. Thank you for praying for our evangelism.