Keep praying for your neighbours....

14/05/2018 14:12

God gave me an incredible divine appointment today. I had been studying at a library in Edinburgh before heading out to put out flyers. The first woman I spoke to said, "No thank you, I don't live here." She was an older woman who was standing beside me as we prepared to cross the road.

I told her that it was about God and she kindly took it. We then began a discussion of the Reformation as researching that was one reason for her visit from Ireland. God gave us a good wee chat as we walked about two blocks together. Before we parted I said, "Where in Ireland do you live?" She said about so many miles South of Dublin. I said, "I've got friends in Brey and Archlow." She said, "I live about ten minutes from Brey." I said there is a good Baptist church there pastored by a friend of mine, "Dan Pero." She said, "What did you say?" and looked very startled. I said, "Dan and Sharon Pero." She said, "They are my neighbors and live within walking distance of my home in the country." I said, "Wow, I guess we really should believe in God!" She said, "That is a miracle!" and insisted that I write a wee note to Dan and Sharon on another flyer. Please pray for Mrs. Coffee to get saved. God put her on my path today on purpose. Thank you for praying for divine appointments.

I had a great witnessing opportunity with a Frenchman who was a nominal Catholic. After going through the Gospel with him, I left him with a copy of John and Romans. I had another good opportunity with Thomas, who may visit my church. God gave us a good discussion of "Biblical Theology" instead of human reasoning. I was able to share the Gospel with him as well. I had one other extended opportunity with an older man from London. He insisted I would never convert him but I tried anyway. :) We talked for about ten minutes and I left him saying that I would pray that God would somehow awaken him to faith. Thank you for praying! Our God is AWESOME!