Kids, kids and more kids

01/11/2020 21:17

It was great to see a lot of kids in church tonight. Katie collected 7 children from 5 different families this evening and brought them to church. The kids had great enthusiasm. One young lady said she's going to start coming again. Please pray for these children that they won't let anything take them away from church. Please also pray for their salvation.

I don't think I've mentioned that we are trying to do Facebook Live. I don't think we've been successful yet. The video uploaded but I think the signal was intermittent. I'm going to see if I can boos the signal with a booster which we purchased. I'd appreciate your prayers for wisdom how to get it sorted.

I enjoyed preaching a message from Matthew 21:1-11, Donkeys for Jesus. Jesus gave a humble commission to a couple of his disciples and it was to get get a donkey for Him. I enjoyed studying the passage and sharing it with our chruch this evening. Here is an audio link if you're interested in listening in. The video from this evening is still uploadining to sermon audio.

Lord willing, I and 3 or 4 other men will meet for prayer in Blair Atholl on 10 November for a day of prayer. (Englad is going into a one month lockdown this Thursday. However, Scotland is not yet in lockdown.) Please pray for the power of God upon that prayer meeting. Thanks for following along and praying!