Ladies' Christmas Party

02/12/2013 21:33

The ladies' Christmas Bible study went very well. Thank you for praying. There were a total of 5 ladies and 2 girls. They had a lot of fun. I'll put some pictures below. One of the dear ladies who came is a older Christian who visits our church. Her husband recently had surgery. She found out today that she has breast cancer. They are going to do other scans this week. She has a sweet Spirit and said, "I'm in His hands." Would you please pray for God's super abundant grace for she and her husband? Thanks for your intercession for our ministry.

PS. Those of you who receive our email prayer letter have already found out that Katie is expecting our 6th. She is 13 weeks along and doing very well. I thought I had better get it on the webpage, so that you aren't surprised if I refer to it. :) We appreciate your prayers for her and the baby.