Ladies Christmas Tea

07/12/2012 21:59

The day began with a phone call cancelling for tonight. That was our first sign of things to come. Three cancelation were due to illness. One lady couldn't come because of a car breakdown. Others had unexpected things come up. But, we know that the Lord is in control and that He had a perfect night planned.

We had 5 ladies other than Katie and 2 girls attend. The house looked lovely. Katie did a great job decorating and preparing all sorts of goodies. Adele's challenge went very well and was well received. It seems everyone really enjoyed themselves.

A friend, who visited a few weeks ago, came over again this afternoon. We enjoyed a good couple hour discussion about the Bible. His wife and girls came tonight. We are thrilled to have their friendship and look forward to getting to know this family.

God's good. Thanks for praying. (Oh, and the shopping went very well.) I'll put some pics of the decorations/goodies below. Hope you aren't hungry.