Ladies' Meeting this evening

14/03/2016 16:48

Due to our holiday being adjusted to last week, our Ladies' meeting was rescheduled for this evening. God has blessed these meetings and they have been well attended. Please pray for God to bless His Word during these monthly meetings. They are normally the first Monday of every month.

I put out flyers for a couple hours this morning and had some brief opportunities to chat with people. It has been a gorgeous sunny day and many people were outside this morning. As I walked I enjoyed listening to two messages by Pastor Bill Lytell and one by Evangelist Matt Downs. They were all just what I needed.

Last night I looked at our small congregation and thought, "God is just as pleased with our worship as the worship of great congregations." I want to be faithful with what God has given us no matter how insignificant it seems in men's eyes. We're thankful for what God is doing. Please continue to pray for God's power in our ministry.