Ladies Meeting Tonight

07/11/2016 11:39

Tonight is our monthly ladies' meeting. I would tell you about it.... but I don't get to attend. I get to escape with five boys and Bernard to hopefully someplace warm (usually Ikea.)  Katie prepares a Bible study to share with the ladies and they also enjoy a hot drink with something nice to go with it. Katie carries a very full work load with homeschooling 5 children while mothering a 2 year old... plus everything she does with our church ministry. Please pray for extra grace and strength for her. She is great at what she does and I'm very thankful for the help meet God has given to me.

I put flyers out this morning in Bilston, a village just outside of Loanhead. Please pray for God to bless His Word to the hearts of those who read it. Thank you for your prayers.