Ladies meeting went very well!

08/04/2017 20:42

I thought about putting as the title "Praising God for my wife" as she had so much to do with putting this great event together. I'm very thankful for the wonderful wife God has given me and was reminded of how special she is as she hosted this event. I want to brag on my kids as well as the oldest two worked very hard to serve everyone. Lilliana also put in a lot of hours baking and cooking with Katie the last several days. Her help was much appreciated.

The Lord gave us 35 ladies in attendance today. 24 were from 3 other area churches.  Shellie Smith, a fellow missionary, shared her testimony and Katie gave the devotional. They had games, prizes, tea, scones, soup, assorted other goodies, fun and fellowship. It was a beautiful weather day as well which was nice. So, thank you for praying. God gave a great time to all who attended.

Here are some pics from the day. The four youngest kids went hiking with Don Dillman, Bella (dog) and myself. We also enjoyed our outing.