lame duck.... :)

21/05/2015 19:43

The Lord gave us a good service tonight. We are really enjoying the new parenting class. I had 5 adults and 4 teens in my class tonight. Katie had 11 kids in her class as well. Praise the Lord for what He is doing in our ministry. Our parenting class tonight was on parental authority. About half way through I moved the pulpit and put my leg up because I could feel swelling coming back. (I started feeling good yesterday and may have overdone it. Although, I haven't done too much.) I'm going to try to take it easy. But, it really doesn't hurt, so pain doesn't keep me from moving around. So, please continue to pray for wisdom and for healing. Thank you for remembering our ministry in Scotland.

PS. Laura who attends our church was at a resort in Scotland the beginning of this week. While they were there a 60 year old American woman who was here on vacation went missing. The police seem to think there was criminal involvement. We rejoice that Laura is safe but are praying for this woman who has yet to be found.