Letter to Brother Tom

31/05/2012 15:29

Most of you know that I am in daily contact with our sponsor, Tom Gritts. Please pray for brother Tom.  His heart has been beating irregularly and he is on manditory rest. He is awaiting a procedure to shock his heart.  I know that Gail and Tom would appreciate your prayers.

 Today I'll just post my letter to him which will fill you in on what is going on in our lives.  You'll see that we are praying about moving if it is the Lord's will. Please pray with us about this.


Dear Brother Tom,

Here is the play by play - We are doing a bit better today. Parker is quite well. Logan got up in the night because he was feeling ill. He ended up going the other way. Nelson's fever has gone away, praise the Lord, but he vomited this morning after taking food for the first time. He's still not great but definitely better.

So, I went to a home viewing with Kay Lee and Benson first thing this morning. The home could not be more functional. It would be amazing if the Lord allowed us to get it. We want His will. We've given the landlord's a letter of intent. They have four other applicants. Please pray for God's guidance.

After I got back I had to turn around and take Logan into an appointment with a neurosurgeon to review Logan's CT scan. He has some large openings in his skull from his restructuring surgery at 6 months of age. The doctor does not recommend an additional surgery at this point because his bones should continue to fill in for another half year or so. Please pray that God will fill in the gaps. The danger is if he falls on a sharp implement. But, the danger seems less risky than surgery which has a 10 percent infection rate to install synthetic material.

This afternoon I've been preparing a message on, "When God Fills Your Net" from Luke 5:1-11. We've cancelled the service tonight due to this virus. Ahmed texted me back and is coming to visit us soon. Please pray that God will work in His heart.  

Praying for you,