Life got busy....

14/10/2017 16:23

We have just had a wonderful week of meetings with the Gleisers and Sarah. There is so much to be thankful for as the week has come to a close. God gave us a very sweet spirit in every service. The Word of God was powerfully preached every night. There was good attention given to the Word of God. Attendance of our church was very strong. The offering that was given to God's servants was generous. Thank you for praying for these meetings!

Tomorrow I am back in the pulpit here and the Gleisers have an afternoon meeting in Dunbar. They then fly out on Monday morning. Please pray for God's great blessing upon them.

An extra blessing was the Brynn and Sarah painted our boys new room at the house we bought. They even bought the paint for the room. :) We have not yet moved over there and the Gleisers and Sarah have stayed at that property. Please pray for our family as we move to the property this following week.

God has been acceptionally good to us this past week of ministry. We praise Him for the many blessings that He gave. (Below are a couple pictures from touring with our guests.)