Life has been busy....

10/09/2023 14:22

Apologies for not updating more recently. I didn't realise I had gotten this far behind, but it has been very busy around here. Thank you for praying for Brother Steve Anderson. He continues with his hospitilization and therapy. Please pray for wisdom as the Anderson's seek a transfer in God's timing to a US hospital. Ben Anderson (son) arrived last Saturday and has been a source of great encouragement to Steve and Martha. God did allow him to get his ermergency passport for which we praise the Lord.

In building news, we were able to get the prophet's chamber finished and it is lovely. We're exctied about God's goodness. God provided a beautiful sleeper sofa which with the two other single futons allows us to have a family of four stay there if needed.

Yesterday I was able to get out street preaching. I preached in the heart of Edinburgh on Princess St. near the monument to Sir Walter Scott. William, who is a new Christian, joined me and it was fun having him along.

We had a good morning at church. In SS we are doing a doctirnal study and today was, "Anthropology," the study of man. Our world would be smart to get their understanding of man, marriage, and family from the Word of God.

In the morning service, I preached on, "Worthwhile Christianity," from 1 Corinthians 6:14-7:1. This is from Paul's admonition not to receive the grace of God in vain, but to make full use of God's goodness in our lives.

Our busy weeks continue as my second cousin, Aaron Roth, and his family arrive tomorrow. We are excited to see them and to have their help on the building. On Tuesday we will begin a week of work on the sanctuary. Please pray for God to prosper this renewed effort to move forward on the building project.