Line upon line....

31/01/2021 19:31

I'm very thankful for our church family. We have such a good spirit in our times together. Please pray for God's continued blessing in that regard as it is very refreshing.

Our attendance was good today. Everyone was faithful to the services. We did a first today as we had communion on zoom. We already preach, pray, give, and sing online. The covid communion cups made it possible for us to also have the Lord's table. We're thankful, but can not wait until we can meet together. It was a blessing to see one another as we handed off the communion cups.

My wife is busy preparing a 3 day online HBC (Hoiday Bible Club) for the school break the week of 8 February. She even bought a worm puppet that she is super excited about! :) Please pray that God will bless as we seek to do more during a time where it would be easy to do less.

I enjoyed preaching 2/3's of my message this evening. I am preaching on Psalm 32, The Happiness of Holiness.  Thank you for praying for our ministry.