Line upon line....

18/04/2021 22:02

It was another good Lord's day. Our attendance was down a little bit. Our visiting father was there the past two Sundays but was absent tonight. Please pray that he will keep coming.

Intersting Scottish weather fact: Tonight was one of the first Sundays since we got back (In October and not counting the lockdown Sundays) where it wasn't raining on Sunday evening. :) It has been amazing to us how many times we were carrying things into and out of the centre in the rain.

Katie said that the kids classes went well tonight. That's a blessing. I think the kids are getting into the routine.

I enjoyed preaching a message tonight from 1 Samuel 14 of Jonathan called, "Go and Achieve." It's an interesting progression of desiring to achieve something for God up to actually accomplishing that for God's glory. God blessed it to my own heart and I trust to the hearts of His people. Thank you for praying for our ministry.

We continue to wait on God regarding the bank building and asking God to make a way forward. We appreciate your prayers in that regard as well.