Listen in....

12/06/2019 12:16

I miss the Tabernacle Team this morning as I upload the audio from their time with us. You'll hear online that they could sing. It was a blessing to have them minister in music at the football tournament. One of the highlights later that day was when we toured Craigmillar Castle. We went into one vaulted chamber and sang several hymns. We had an audience at different times who we hope were not just impacted by the harmony of the music but the message of what we were singing.

Here is the audio from the 2019 Football Tournament and the message I preached from John 1:1-12.

Also, we were blessed by the ministry of Pastor Baker. Here is the audio from His message on A Life that Ministers.

Now, we are excited to be welcoming Amber Lyndsey to our home today. This Friday is our parade. Please pray for the power of God as we hand out literature and invite people to participate in our church ministries. God's good! Thanks for your prayers!