Live Stream Learning Curve

28/02/2021 21:48

We have wanted to live stream our service. You may remember that we tried and failed a few months ago at our church location. (wifi issues) The Lord put on my heart to live stream during our Zoom service. Tonight we were livestreaming on Facebook. We hope to multicast soon to a new church Youtube page, Sermon Audio and Facebook. Your prayers for wisdom are appreciated as that attempt was unsuccesful this evening.

God gave us a good Lord's day. It seems that we are not going to be allowed to meet together until April. However, there is a court case in early March that could rule in the favour of churches. Please pray that this will be the result of that case.

I preached tonight from 2 Thessalonians 1 on Devoloping Our Faith. (Sermon Audio link) God wants us to go from infant faith to steadfast faith. Thank you for praying for our ministry.