Loanhead Almost finished

07/02/2013 20:18

It's been a good week to get out flyers. I've been out every day except Monday. Today brother Richard Weaver assisted me as we finished up Loanhead with the exception of one road near our home. God's been good to give us strength and time to get them out. There were three good opportunities God gave us today. One was with a lady who visited our church a couple years ago. Another one was with a young girl who used to come out to our kids meeting. The third was a lady who keeps indicating that she will come at some point.

We had our faithful group out tonight accept for our neighbor girl. She had to have another tooth pulled and wasn't feeling up to coming. God gave me a divine appointment after we parked our car near our home. I had a great chat with a 62 year old man. He said he may come and kindly took a flyer. He is upset about the British vote for homosexual marriage.  (There are two more votes but according to all sources it will be law in the near future.) Although this doesn't include Scotland, it is being pushed through our parliament as well.  We are praying that God will use this to turn people back to TRUTH. Thanks for your prayers.