Loanhead completed

15/11/2013 12:07

I was able to finish the rest of Loanhead yesterday afternoon. That does not mean that this flyer is finished. We have other nearby villages that I try to get to. One of those villages is about 30 miles away. Please pray for another missionary and I as we look at a church building in this village this coming week. 

Our service went well last night. We had our faithful group out. We are praying for God to build increase our attendance on Thursday night and trust he will bring others out in His timing. We enjoyed studying Psalm 68. The Covenanters would sing this Psalm as they went into battle. It was the Psalm that the Lord put on my heart for our revival services last Spring.

We are hosting a prayer breakfast tomorrow morning at an Inn about a mile from here. Please pray for God to give us a powerful prayer time. We are looking forward to a great day.