Loanhead finished....

22/06/2015 13:30

This morning I finished getting our newest church flyer through all of Loanhead. There are about 2700 houses. I didn't have any lengthy discussions. I had a short discussion with one man. He said that when you die worms eat you as he handed the flyer back to me. Please pray that God will use the 30 seconds I had with him to awaken his heart to the truth. I was rather blunt in my response but believe it is what the Lord wanted me to say. He said thank you when I finished.

I have a vehicle prayer request. Our vehicle burns two types of fuel. The cheaper fuel (LPG) is not burning very well and we have had difficulty finding the problem. I'm going to take the vehicle in again next week. Please pray for wisdom for myself and the mechanic. Thanks for taking that need to the Lord.