Lockdown "Culture Shock"

10/01/2021 19:33

Scotland and the UK are back in a lockdown. I think I'm right in saying that it is a bit like going through culture shock. I'd summarize it with - "Life as you knew it is changed and there is a sense of apprehension about doing something wrong." Non essential shops are closed and there are stay at home orders. Please pray for grace for our church family to adapt with God's super abundant grace.

One other thing regarding how this is affecting our country, it is normal to struggle with depression during the heart of the winter in Scotland. At the shortest point our day light hours are 7 hours. For my amusement, I looked up where my parents are in Des Moines and it was 9 hours on the same day. My sister in North Carolina had 10 hours of day light. Obviously lockdown on top of dark winter has definitely affected people. Please pray for people to seek God during these difficult times.

God gave us a good day. We had really good attendance in all of our services and there is a great spirit among our church family. This evening I enjoyed preaching on Psalm 23, My Shepherd. Thank you for praying for our ministry.