Lockdown Ministry

21/02/2021 21:23

It's amazing that Zoom church can become normal. We're thankful for the grace God has given to continue ministry online, but we long to be out of lockdown. We are part of the United Kingdom, but they allow each of the 4 nations to set their own lockdown rules. In England churches have been able to meet during this lockdown. In Scotland they have not been allowed to meet. Even in England, one church meeting in a car park was fined 10,000 pounds because they were not gathering at a place of worship. 

God gave us a good day. All the services were well attended by those who are able to join online. I preached a message tonight from one question found in Nehemiah 6, "Should such a man as I _________________?" It's a great question to ask ourselves when Satan suggests a course of action to us.

Tomorrow and Tuesday evening a sister ministry in England is hosting a service for minister's families. Please pray for God to do a great work in our hearts and in our fellowship time. Our family is going to minister in music tomorrow night. If you'd like to hear what we are going to sing, it's at the beginning of our service from tonight. (Here Is Love)

One other thing - after our study in Hebrews on Thursday night, Mac (6) went up to his bed and prayed to be saved. I had shared my testimony at the end of the service and shared what to pray to get saved. I spoke with him afterwards and prayed with him again. We have been praying for his salvation and thank the Lord that all of our children have professed faith in Christ.