Logan is lucky. :)

26/10/2013 12:02

I don't understand it, but Logan finds everybody home when he does door to door with me. He also gets the most smiles. It must be the blonde hair. We had several good chats this morning. My heart goes out to those we met. I trust the Lord will encourage them to pursue truth. One young man has gone to the Church of Scotland all of his life. He is now in his late 20's and lost. He was kind but had no answer about how someone would know they were going to Heaven when they die. I gave him a copy of the Gospel of John and Romans. Please pray that the message of the Cross will go home to his heart.

We're excited about our baptismal service tomorrow. Please pray for God's blessing. The weather is supposed to be bad overnight Sunday but should ok tomorrow. Parts of the UK are braced for the worst storm in 26 years. It looks now as if it will pass South of Scotland. Thanks for your prayers.