Looking back on the week...

08/10/2023 13:32

God blessed us with a good week. After street  preaching on Monday, I put out Gospel flyers on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I put out flyers again but with Pastor Don Dillman helping me. On Thursday I enjoyed a quick flight to Ireland and back. Pastor Les Hill and I got together for some prayer time. Please pray for their church as they seek to purchase their meeting location. They were hoping to close this past week, but it was delayed. Please pray that God will give them wisdom as they further establish, Gospel Baptist Church in Lucan Ireland.

This morning was a good morning. It was good to have one of our folks back after a month long trip to Europe. She was glad to be back.

I preached this morning on, "Confederate with God Alone" from Isaiah 8. Isaiah was encouraging Judah not to seek a confederacy with Assyria, but rather to be solely in league with God. The passage has a lot of application to our day where many (churches and individual believers) are compromising with God's enemies. There is much to be said for simply maintaining dependance upon God.

Please pray for our church this week as we welcome a group from the States. We look forward to showing them our area and doing evangelism. Your prayers for this Gospel endeavour are much appreciated.