Love and Hate

16/10/2022 13:20

God blessed us with a good morning although several were not able to be with us this morning. We've enjoyed good attendance the past two Sundays despite around 10 regular people not being able to be there. Please pray that we can see everyone out to church. Our Midweek and Sunday evening attendance has also been growing and we thank the Lord for His work in our ministry.

I preached on John 15 this morning a message I almost entitled, "Love and Hate." It's an interesting text. I chose, "Battle Ready" as a title instead. Jesus is preparing his disciples for his departure and teaching them to love those on their team. He is also teaching them to expect and withstand the hate of the oppositiion. Please pray for our church to be a church that unashamedly stands with Jesus and stands no matter the opposition. There was a good spirit in our services today and we are thankful for your prayers and God's blessing.