Low attendance but good spirit. :)

03/12/2017 12:53

We had a good morning despite lower than normal attendance. Benson and I enjoyed reading Psalm 119 together in SS. I also enjoyed preaching this morning on Jeremiah 6, "Take Mercy and Not Judgment." Just as I finished the service I realized I had not recorded it. One of these days God will give me a person to run the "sound equipment" and make sure I don't do that. Until then....

The house is all decorated and ready for the ladies' meeting tomorrow night. A couple of ladies in our new area may be in attendance. Please pray for good attendance and for God to work in the hearts of those who attend.

I'm also meeting with a man this week to speak more fully about God. We had a good conversation last night and he wanted to speak again. So, please pray as I meet with him on Tuesday morning. Thank you for your prayers.