Luke and Hannah's dad

31/01/2019 10:50

I had a complaint last night from our flyer distribution with an upset father. I don't know his name, but his two children have Bible names which I do remember. We ended up speaking on the phone for 45 minutes. He's upset that the flyer speaks Biblically about Hell and that unbelievers are going there. Please pray that God will awaken his heart and that he will get saved. I was able to share the Gospel with him and he very kindly listened. He was going to put the flyer on social media to see what others think.... ie. agree with him against God and this kind of teaching.

As I got off the phone, I thought about Jesus and His public speaking on Hell. "The rich man died and in hell.... being in torments.... I am tormented in this flame." "Cast into outer darkness where the worm dieth not and the flame is not quenched."  I don't want to be unkind. However,  I don't want to be less clear than the Master when sharing HIs message. Please pray for the power of God upon this flyer. (I noticed that this is not a final copy of the flyer as there are typo's. However, it is easy to include and so I'll include it here.)