Mail Chimp Prayer Update sent today

17/05/2016 15:55

(Picture - Arthur's Seat overlooking Edinburgh - taken yesterday.)

17 May,   
Dear Praying Friends,
We are excited about what the Lord is doing this week as we prepare for our Football (soccer) outreach on Saturday. Evangelist Jonathan Washer arrived with Lewis Ebert on Saturday to help promote this tournament.

Yesterday we went into 3 schools and an army base. Today we went to another school and 2 army bases. In each case we weren't allowed to hand out flyers ourselves. But, we were promised that they would be distributed. (Please pray that they follow through with their promises.) We've invited a lot of individuals to the tournaments as well.

So, what do we expect? I don't really know. We've been praying about this event for a while and are anticipating God's blessing. We will definitely let you know what takes place.

God gave us some encouragement today as we put out flyers in a village about 30 miles from here. I've often said to my wife, "Why is it that we never hear from believers that they appreciate us putting out Gospel literature?"  Today a man came hurrying out of his house and yelled to us, "Thank you, thank you...." I went back to him and found out that he is a believer and a minister in the church of Scotland. He actually apologized for that fact (being a part of the C of S) because of recent decisions by the Church of Scotland. 

We have had many wonderful divine appointments the last few days. Thank you for praying for those open doors.

God's good. We are seeing Him answer your prayers. Thank you for participating in our ministry,

Ben Shore