Men's camp and spring storm...

08/04/2024 11:49

My boys and I are just back from men's camp. We were supposed to arrive on Saturday evening, but our flight was cancelled due to a storm. We were at a friend's home when it canceled (Declan and Bethany Flanagan) and they kindly had us stay with them for two nights. That stay was a lot of fun for all of us. The Les Hill family spent the afternoon with us yesterday and we had great fellowship. I was also able to preach at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Sword's (Declan's ministry) and be blessed to meet his church family.

Camp was awesome.... it always is. Those of us who are ministers wish all of our church family could benefit from the focused preaching, good singing, great fellowship, etc.... God's blessed us with very close ministry friends in Scotland, Ireland and Europe. We are striving together for the faith of the Gospel. Pastor Craig Ledbetter runs the camp with his church family. They do a great job! 

For those who were praying for the preaching - thank you! God gave great liberty to all of us as we shared His Word.