29/12/2014 15:58

God gave us a wonderful time with family in Des Moines, IA for Christmas. I had the privilige of preaching at the carol sing service at my grandparent's church. Sunday was a full day with the opportunity to teach SS, preach Sunday morning, Sunday Afternoon and Sunday evening (at a different church.) Both churches were a great blessing and God gave us good services. We are currently back in Hudson, WI with my parents. We are looking forward to participating in the New Years Eve service at my home church/ our sending church.

This coming Sunday we have two meetings as well. We will be in Hartford, Wi for the SS, morning, afternoon and a church in Waukesha, WI that evening. We appreciate your prayers for our busy schedule.

I had a neat divine appointment this morning with a person at our motel. He was over a 100 miles from home. We have a supporting church in his area and I mentioned it to him. He knows the church well as a young man from that church and college (Baptist College of Ministry) worked for him at his lawn business. We didn't have a lengthy conversation but he had a great opinion of that young man. 

Thanks for your prayers for us and our ministry.