Ministry on Mars Hill

30/04/2013 21:54

I hope the Lord breaks my heart like Paul's after seeing the same crowd on their way to worship they know not what. Mark Hikin and I just returned from handing out flyers to folks on their way to a pagan festival.  The website for the fire festival says that they do their best to keep the atmosphere family friendly. It then says to keep in mind that there is nudity.  Please don't research this festival for that reason. I can't understand why it is allowed in a civilized "Christian" country.

We stood where people line up to enter and handed out about 1,000 flyers. I've never handed flyers out so quickly.  I've also never picked up so many flyers to turn around and hand them out again. We stood for Jesus tonight at Satan's doorstep. I had to keep meditating on "Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world." Those who think Harry Potter is "fun" need to see what we saw tonight. Please pray for these dear souls who are blinded to truth to be set free by God's power. 

I hope the above helps you to be burdened for God's power to be seen again in Scotland. Thanks for your prayers.