Ministry of music.....

19/05/2013 16:49

I hope to put an mp3 of our service today out for you to hear, if you so desired. (I need to figure out how to do that.) We had a very memorable service.  The Lord gave us very good attendance today for which we praise His name.  Our church enjoyed the blessing of hearing men sing praise to God.  The team sang 4 songs before I preached. I enjoyed singing with them and Katie played the piano.  I preached this morning on Intercession as I concluded a series on the spies report.  Because Moses prayed God did not completely destroy his people. (Numbers 14:11-20)

I've just returned from the airport after dropping off the team. Please pray for them as they fly home. They are leaving for Dublin this evening, spending the night in the airport there, and heading back to Greenville, SC. tomorrow.  These 4 young men will be serving that Lord at Christian camp this summer. Hopefully we got them in shape before their departure. Thanks for praying for their ministry with us and as they counsel at camp!