26/03/2021 22:45

I have enjoyed our study of Hebrews on Thursday night. The passage this Thursday was a sobering one with 3 warnings from God found in Hebrews 10. If you ever wondered why it is right for God to send someone to Hell, that passage makes it very clear.

The new journey video on Thursday was, "Observing God." We don't have to wonder if God knows what is going on in our lives. He's observing every moment of our lives.

A special blessing this week is reading the biography of someone who is very special to me. I was priviliged to do my internship in 1999 with Dr. Ed Nelson when he was pastoring at Bethel Baptist Church in Tucson, AZ. I want to encourage "you" to read it. It is a great reminder that we serve a great God. Dr. Nelson is candid about his ministry strengths and weakness and shares wonderful stories of God's working in His life. "A Sinner Saved By Grace" is the title.

The Lord gave me a short witnessing opportunity today with a person who purchased something from us. Please pray that God will open her eyes to His existence and His truth.