Missionary Layton Kelly

21/11/2016 14:20

The Lord gave us a really great day with Missionary Layton Kelly and one of his staff, Aiden Curan. It was not the day we had planned. Katie had to miss the day as Mac was unwell. (We'd appreciate your prayers for him as he has had a 6 week cold and then got the vomit bug this weekend.) Another lady had the bug and was away as well.

We had a different schedule yesterday as our morning service was followed by lunch and an afternoon service. In the afternoon service we saw pictures of the men's home and Brother Aiden shared his testimony. Praise God for their ministry to addicts in Dublin. Both of these men know what it is to be chained to a drug addiction but praise God He has set them free. They have a saying, "Those who are hurting hurt others, but those who are helped, help others." It is certainly true of their ministry.

Brother Kelly preached a message in the AM service on letting the Gospel need get into your head, your heart, your hands. 

In the afternoon I put on my tour guide hat and showed the men some of the church history of Edinburgh. We had a good time. They flew in yesterday morning and out last night. Please pray for God's refreshment for them as they had a very full day with us.