Mom Hansen returns to the States

21/07/2013 20:46

The Lord gave us a very nice time with family this past week. We spent a lot of time with Kirk and Carrie, Carrie's mom and brother and Katie's mom. We enjoyed the hottest weather Scotland has experienced in a long time. We hit 84 degrees on one day. That is almost ten degrees hotter than the hottest day we had ever previously experienced in Scotland. It has also been very dry. I purchased a sprinkler today. (I never thought I would do that in Scotland.)

God gave us a great day. It was a very normal good ministry day. I preached this morning on the Maniac's Message from Mark 5.  (I know that lends itself to jokes about the preacher....)

Tonight I preached on Simon in Acts 8. He looked saved but showed by his fruit that he was not a true believer.

God's good. We're very thankful for family time. We've been here for 3 and half years without returning to the States. Please pray for wisdom as we seek to do a furlough possibly the end of next year. We can only be out of the country for a total of 6 months in our first five years or we jeopardize our visa situation. Thanks for your prayers.