Monday and the sun is shining!

18/06/2012 13:22

After 3 days of rain and clouds, you get pretty excited to see the sun shining.  Now if it would just get up into the 60's we'd really be smiling!

I finished putting out flyers in Rosslyn this morning.  It took about 2 hours to complete and I didn't have a good witnessing opportunity until close to the end.  Bobby lives in Loanhead but was sitting in his work vehicle in Rosslyn. He knows Alec and told me to greet him.  Please pray that God will put a spiritual thirst in Bobby's heart.  Like many here, he just doesn't think about spiritual things.

The very next house I approached after talking with Bobbie was my next opportunity. Alistair was working on his door frame.  He stopped and chatted for about 20 minutes.  I'm glad to have had those opportunities.  I sensed the Lord leading in my morning but every person I tried to talk to was a closed door (until I met these two men.)  God's good.  Please pray that we will continue to plow in hope.

Nobody other than our family attended last night but the Lord gave us a good service as we studied God's faithfulness.