Monday morning evangelism....

12/04/2016 11:32

I put flyers out through a new housing scheme near us. I didn't have any divine appointments there but I enjoyed listening to a message by Evangelist Morris Gleiser. He challenged the people coming to the meetings that week to "C - change their calendar to be able to attend, P - pray often for God's blessing on the meetings and R - respond as God spoke to their hearts during the meeting." He wasn't seeking a public response but he was encouraging them to be ready to do business with God. I liked his "CPR" challenge. We should have that in front of us every Sunday and midweek service.

Later yesterday morning I had my vehicle tuned up to run on LPG and praise the Lord it seems ready to go. I'm sorry that our vehicle has been a prayer request this past year. But, it has been and we have appreciated your prayers. It's too long a story to tell except to say, "Praise the Lord for getting the right software installed." The mechanic took me for a ride in my  mini van and squeaked the tires (peeled out) as we took off. We haven't had power like that on autogas (lpg) ever! :) So, I am very thankful to God for His goodness.

While the vehicle was being worked on, I put out flyers in Edinburgh. People took them really well yesterday morning. I had two conversations of note. Was was with a man who is a Sikh. The other was with a man who is Greek Orthodox. Both are trusting in their goodness to get them to Heaven. Please pray that God will awaken their hearts.

One interesting occurrence yesterday was a cute old lady. I thought she would kindly accept a leaflet but instead surprised me by saying in front of others, "Nobody wants your stuff!" :) I have to smile. It was an unexpected response from what looked like a very nice elderly lady. He dresses himself as an angel of light sometimes but when he speaks you can tell it is him. Please pray for God to overcome the adversary on our field. I'm thankful that as I walked away I handed the leaflet to a few people who would walk back past that old lady with my flyer.