Monday street preaching....

01/05/2023 19:08

It was a beautiful morning. Today, I went down to Princess St. by the Duke of Wellington Statue and preached for an hour. I covet your prayers for my street preaching. It takes a lot of energy and I also need God's guidance. My voice is always pretty weak when I get done. It is hard to stop as you see loads of people walking towards you and you want to say something that has the potential of impacting their life for all of eternity.

I had two elderly ladies shake my hand (while I was preaching and say) "bless you." I had some thumbs up as well. There was very little negative today and people were respectful. 

This afternoon, my family tackled one of the tougher jobs on our church to do list. We started painting the activity centre ceiling. This is a "ribbed" ceiling and there is a LOT of trim work. It was not a quick job, but we got most of the first coat of brilliant white paint on today. We hope to fully paint these front halls (activity centre and fellowship hall) in the next two weeks. Thanks for praying for wisdom and grace for our work.