More Christmas Flyers

11/12/2013 19:22

I was able to put out several hundred more Christmas flyers this afternoon. I had a few divine appointments. One was with a man whom I've witnessed to before. I thought about him several houses before getting to his drive. He was out working on a car. Another young man was witnessed to by Mark Hikin and I over a year ago. Mark still prays for them (there were two of them) during our prayer time on Monday nights. I told the young man that and invited him to our carol sing service. Another lady I witnessed to today was a follow up opportunity from a conversation over a year ago. So, God's good to give these opportunities.

I spoke last night with the MSP (Member of Scottish Parliament) for Midlothian (our county.) I asked him how he voted on the marriage issue. I then spoke with him about the religious persecution that "hate crime" legislation is leading into. Please pray for secular society to realize that Christians are being treated in a worse way than those whom the law is trying to protect. Thanks for your impact in our ministry.