More of The Journey

24/02/2021 10:56

God put on my heart to get back to doing short videos during lockdown. That project began yesterday. This time I'm livestreaming on facebook. This is definitely a faith step and your prayers are much appreciated. 

Season One of The Journey was "The Journey To Jesus." (For those needing salvation, it was 15 Gospel segments.) Season 2 was the Journey With Jesus. (For those who got saved, it was 10 discipleship lessons.) Season 3 which will hopefully encourage believers and help unbelievers to faith is "The Journey About God." (For those needing a solid rock in a time of great change.)

We are using The Journey, on our church webpage. If you'd like to see how we are doing that, please click this link. We welcome you to do the same.

To make that possible the Journey is on Youtube. Any church or individual can use the videos from there as a Gospel resource. (If you are interested, please do so without any acknowledgment.) Here is the link to The Journey, Youtube Channel.

Season 3 of The Journey, "The Journey About God." Episode 1, Invisible God was recorded live on Facebook yesterday. Lord willing, I will live stream these segments every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 AM our time.

Thank you for your prayers. God is opening some doors of Gospel ministry.