more outreach

14/07/2021 12:59

It's an incredibly beautiful week here. Don and I put out flyers this morning in Loanhead. God gave us a really good divine appointment with a young man who is 18. I asked him if he believes in God. He said that he didn't until his gran passed away. He said that he went through a very difficult time and through that came to believe in God. Please pray for him to come to a knowledge of saving faith. I'd love a future opportunity to speak with him.

God gave some encouragement at a very interesting moment. I was watching a man read the flyer we had put through his door. He looked accross a car park at me, crumpled it up and put it in his recycling bin. As that happened a young man doing a home repair was taking a stick of wood out of his van. We spoke with him and he said, "You spoke to me about ten years ago." I said, "Wow, you must have been a child back then." He's maybe in his early twenties. He wouldn't remember meeting me before if God hadn't written something in his heart. Please pray for his salvation. 

Update from last week at Don's. Tommy contacted Don by text. Please pray for Tommy to visit the Dillman's church.

God's good to encourage us when we need it. Evangelism works and will be fruitful in God's timing. Please pray for God to help us to continue to sow in faith.