More visitors and outreach

28/03/2022 13:24

God encouraged us again with a new couple visiting the church last night.  (They are also riding our bus.) Please pray for God to do a great work in their lives.

This morning I headed into Edinburgh to do evangelism as it was a perfect day for "street" evangelism. I had several good divine appointments. The first was with a man waiting to take bus down into the borders. The second was with a young man who's life is really fractured by sin. He wants deliverance. We read the story of the demoniac of Gedarra and I showed him how God put the man in his "right mind." Only God's power can deliver him from the "demons" in his life.

After that I witnessed to a former teacher who is Catholic. She's trusting in goodness overcoming the badness in her life. We had a good wee chat. The next opportunity was with two girls from Serbia. They are here on holiday (vacation.) I apologized for taking their time, but one said, "No, thank you, I'm thinking about things I didn't know."

Another young lady reminded me of my daughter. I went out of my way to go to where she was seated and spoke with her. As it turned out she is the same age as Kay Lee and has a similar name, Holly. We had a great wee chat and I hope she'll find Jesus as her Saviour. 

(Several of these were given a Gospel of John and Romans.) The last conversation this morning was with a former police officer who is now an insurance investigator. He well understood man's need to know the law and observe it. He also understand justice is not absolving someone from punishment. Please pray for all of these individuals to be convicted and that God would bless each flyers which was handed out. It was a good morning.

PS. I almost forgot about two Christian young men (mid 20's) from Tucson, AZ (I did my internship there in 1998 with Dr. Ed Nelson.) They had their Bible's out and were getting ready to have their devotions. If they are not in a good church, please pray that they will visit Bethel Baptist. I'm sure that it was a divine appointment. I met one other believer (young lady) from Chicago. She had been saved for a year.