Moving update

25/10/2012 13:53

The packing is going very well. We have boxes everywhere. Thankfully, we are getting close to being done. We are all getting pretty excited.

Nelson has been my cute assistant as I go to get boxes. He enjoys being daddy's helper. Everyone else has been doing a bit of packing every day. The kids have also been able to do school everyday despite the mess. Katie has been working very diligently to pack up everything. The Lord provided a bunch of kitchen items this week for a very good price.

The Lord also provided a bed for Kay Lee today. We have a used items website here called, "Gumtree."  We got a Laura Ashley, 4 poster with curtains, white, all wood, single bed for Kay Lee. It will look great in her room. She is obviously very excited.  It only cost 20 pounds.  Isn't God good to provide more than what you "need?"  Thanks for praying for our move.

Please pray for the man who sold me the bed. I was able to give him a tract and briefly speak to him about faith in God. He was very kind and shared how they had recently visited a church. He was interested to know that I am a minister.