Much going on....

01/06/2023 08:43

We are unsuprisingly busy, but God is giving grace with our scheduling. We are again doing building works as a family from the States has come over to help us for two weeks. We have begun destructing and constructing. Please pray for wisdom, strength, safety and God's rich blessing as we make his building beautiful and useful. Today we are framing in an open section between the front two halls. We have also begun some work back in the sanctuary. 

I'm having difficulty uploading to sermon audio. Please pray for wisdom how to sort that as we try to keep the preaching up to date online. I've tried rebooting my browser and switching browsers. I have not found a solution yet. It drops my upload about 20 times. :( 

Kay Lee departed early this morning for Italy and is currently in flight. Please pray for God to do a great work in her and through her while she serves with the Frank Maietta family in Grosetto.

Logan went with me as I preached in Edinburgh on Monday. I preached in one of my favourite locations in the heart of the city. (Princess St. by the Duke of Wellington statue.) God gave tremendous liberty and strength. I was able to preach for about an hour and 15 minutes. Please pray for God to continue to strengthen me as I declare His Word. It was evident to me that people were praying.