My favorite Sunday

10/02/2013 12:39

God gave us a really sweet morning in His Word. I'm not sure how to put it, but this would rank right up there in my list of favorite Sundays. We had a sweet spirit and good attendance.  I preached this morning on preparing to meet with God from II Chronicles 29, Hezekiah's cleansing of the temple. They finished the job in 8 days. We've got 8 days before our evangelistic meetings. The Lord worked in my heart as I preached. We appreciate your prayers for those meetings. I believe the Lord is going to do a good work. Please keep praying.

Our "special days" this month have already begun. The Sam Sanderlin family are on their way back to their ministry in Cameroon. Mark Hikin and I collected them at the airport this morning.  The Lord brought them through Newark airport yesterday (despite the blizzard) without a hitch. We are trusting the Lord for a good service tonight as Sam shares their ministry with our church.

(We let them stay home this morning to rest up.)

Thanks for keeping these fruit bearing opportunities before the Lord.