Nelson, my helper

23/08/2016 14:13

Nelson and I got on a bus today and went into Edinburgh to pass out flyers. I had told him a long time ago that we would be doing this. He was excited to go. He was bold to ask people if he could give them a flyer and he got a lot of "Why thank you....thanks darling....of course I wills." Most people were very kind. We gave out a lot of flyers and enjoyed eating at McDonalds before heading back.

Please pray for those who took the flyer. We had one conversation with a vendor. He is a humanist. Much of Scotland is turning to a nearly organized "religion" of humanism. A friend of ours recently informed us that there were more humanist weddings in Scotland this past year than weddings performed by the Church of Scotland. Please pray for this country to wake up to the truth about God.

Yesterday, I prepared a new flyer. I'm very thankful for God's help with these. He gave me a good program to use, encouraged me to use it, and has directed me to a great printing company. Please pray for God's power upon this new flyer. (The copies of the flyer below are not good quality - but hopefully they are clear enough for you to read the text. I focused on Jesus with this flyer.)