Nelson's Salvation

26/10/2015 17:13

Our five year old, Nelson, came up to Katie after church last night in the lobby and asked to be saved. He was very teary and could hardly say what he needed. Praise the Lord. It is good when it is clearly God's work in bringing them to Himself. In class last night they had sung, "Jesus is the way to my Father's house." Katie had said to the kids, "Wouldn't it be sad if you got home tonight and your dad said, 'You can't come in my house because you aren't my child.'" Another boy said, "But my dad says if you ask God to forgive you, He will." Praise God, He can forgive and He did last night. 

This morning, I put flyer out all morning. Please pray that God will bless the seed that was sown. Thank you for your prayers!