New Attendee! :)

11/07/2021 20:04

God gave us encouragement tonight as we had a first time visitor. She had received a flyer at her house 7 months ago and has been wanting to come, but kept putting it off. She has to drive for quite a while to get to church as she lives on the other side of Edinburgh. 

She got a flyer, because we gave Mac a violin for Christmas. (confused?) I had to pick up a violin for Mac for Christmas and decided to put out several hundred flyers in the area where I got his violin. She got a flyer. She is an older woman, but a young believer. She got saved 4 years ago. Please pray that our church can be a good church family for her as I believe she is going to keep coming.

We had a good Sunday, but sickness and other things are still hurting our attendance. Please pray that we can get everyone back to faithfulness in God's perfect timing.

I preached a message that challenged me and helped me this past week as I studied it. I preached on "Not Ashamed" from Romans 1:16. (Upload should be done in the next few hours.) It's amazing how no matter how often you do evangelism, you still have to ask God for boldness to share the Gospel. Please pray for Gospel boldness for our church family. 

Thanks for praying for our day. God continues to give us all the encouragement we need.