New Flyer

08/10/2013 15:38

I started putting out the new flyer this morning. I wasn't out for that long but I got a good bit done. The Lord gave me a great divine appointment as I returned. I met the young lady who was planning on attending church on Sunday. She was apologetic for not being there. She has just recently had a baby and was feeling poorly on Sunday. We were close to the house and she stopped in to meet Katie. She is excited about visiting the church. Please pray for L_________________ and her young family. We look forward to having them visit.

I had another divine appointment of a different sort today. There is a man in the community who has cussed me out in the past. I would appreciate you joining me in prayer for him. He cussed me out again today for greeting him as I walked past. I told him that God loved him and that I am praying for him. Thankfully this is a very unusual situation and not common at all. Most people in Loanhead are very friendly.

Alec continues to teach art to our children and I get the fun of painting as well. For those who are interested I'll put my latest painting which I finished today below.